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Golden Goddess Cuff

Golden Goddess Cuff

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Like a goddess, you will look with this oversized cuff made in brass, gold plated. You can adjust it. Exclusive and unique piece from Turkey.

Measures: Length: 6.25", Width: 2.5"

For jewelry durability and decrease chances of wearing out, you can follow the following recommendations:

- Clean your jewelry at home after each use with a soft cloth to remove any dust, dirt, and oil residue.

- Put it on last and take it off first. Try to avoid any chemicals from your jewelry such as hair spray, perfumes, body lotions; they are very likely to damage them.

- Try to keep gold plated jewelry out of water.

- Keep your jewelry organized, you can store them in a box and separate them.

- Do not sleep with them, it may cause damage to the jewelry.

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